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Open for anyone who'd like to drop in for a chat and a drink of your choice (within reason). Letters are always welcome, too. :)
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Piece of advice

A thought that occurred upon reading this
[Sage] refused, politely, the seat that was offered, preferring to stand, like a retired officer, hands clasped behind his back, between the women and the door. In his long duster, with his long goatee, Audrey imagined he must look rather intimidating.

You know what you do when someone tries to psych you like that? You pull a footstool in front of the desk and stand on the stool, lean on the desk, so the two of you see closer to eye-to-eye and you at least look relaxed, and you give him a cheery grin and maybe a finger-waggling wave. Then you get on with the talking.

Mind, that teacher is an idiot. "Sure, we know she lives at least near the neighbourhood of nonhumans, but she can't POSSIBLY ever have met any of them, she must be lying!" Blegh.
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I just wanted to let you know that in that one story, the third paragraph should have been, "I needed to get away from the bowle for a bit. Packs more of a punch than I thought. And I wanted to make sure you didn’t get eaten by a gazebo, or something."

That is all.

stupid typist vetoing my dialogue, grmbl
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Why, yes, I'm fishing...

* Anke wants moar chats, particularly moar chats with Snog, because she used to draw more then.
Anke: Selfish, BUT I AM NOT ASHAMED! :D
Weft: More pictures of Sebastian would be nice.
Nico: Who wants pics of Sebs without clothes?
Weft: You have WHAT?
Nico: That is one, anybody else?
Weft: *a note of panic in his voice* What? Nonono, I didn't say that. I didn't say that! Clothes on, clothes ON!
* Nico snickers
Anke: I never volunteered to draw nude pics anyway, and if Nico's cheating on me with other artists, I don't know about it...
Mutt: I wondered if she got drunk with him and took polaroids or something...
* Mutt suspects Weft would be a lot more comfortable with women - well, people in general - if he wasn't aware that they've got *nude bits* under their pretty clothes
Anke: poor kitten
Nico: I don't think I'd be comfortable getting drunk with him [that is, Sebastian] - I don't know him that well -, and I doubt I could pull some kind of "pretending to drink along with him, but actually staying sober while only he gets drunk" trick on him.
Mutt: You could enforce a "quarter of a shot for every shot you drink because I'm so much smaller" rule.
Nico: :D
Anke: But I haven't seen Snog *that* much in chat, either.
Sylvie: And if anyone from this brain gets drunk with Sebastian, that'd be me.
* Nico is entirely in agreement with that.
Sylvie: Nico gets too much screentime as it is.
Mutt: But you wouldn't get blackmailable evidence from him and pass it on to us. :(
Sylvie: No. No, I wouldn't.
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(no subject)

Today is a day to curl up in a quiet, dimly lit room, and see how much mulled wine I can sip before I fall asleep.
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